Don't Leave Your Loved Ones in the Lurch When You Pass

Don't Leave Your Loved Ones in the Lurch When You Pass

Get a life insurance policy through Duluth, MN's Dwight Swanstrom Insurance Company

When your time comes, will your family be left scrambling to scrape up cash just to get by? Ensure they have a financial safety net in place by securing a life insurance policy. Dwight Swanstrom Insurance can help you select the perfect policy to cover your family's needs. We'll help you understand your options and shop around to find the best policy for your budget.

You'll rest easy knowing that your family's livelihood won't be at risk if the worst were to happen. Find out about your coverage options by reaching out to the team at Dwight Swanstrom Insurance.

Tailor your life insurance policy to your personal needs

Dwight Swanstrom Insurance in Duluth, Minnesota can help you find a life insurance policy that meets your family's needs and budget. Our agents can include coverage options to help pay for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Debts
  • Housing costs

You can set up your life insurance policy to cover all of the above, and any other provisions you deem necessary. Schedule an appointment with Dwight Swanstrom Insurance by calling 218-727-8324 or email,